OrphanCoin offers a generous referral bonus or bounty program that allows anyone to create a residual income simply by referring investors to our platform.

The referral program gives you a monthly share of all profits from automated trading for investors you refer, taken from the platform fee. This means the more they invest, the more you gain without taking anything from your referrals.

Example. You refer a few people who invest 10 BTC, then in one month they make 30% gain or +3 BTC which would be split 70:29:1 with you receiving your income every single month from the profits.

In the above example you would make .03 BTC in that first month while your investors balance would increase 2.1 BTC. This means the next month you will receive your share on gains from 12.1 BTC rather than the lower amount it was before. This gives the potential for exponential growth which increases faster every month for you and your referrals. Everyone wins.

So not only is your bonus residual recurring income but it also increases with gains over time. Spread the word today and start growing with us!

Referrals must signup using your referral link inside your dashboard. Please register an account and use the referral link from your profile when blogging, sharing on social media, and so on to receive credit.