What is OrphanCoin?

OrphanCoin is a platform that enables investors to grow their investment with the best tools and resources. We also connect investors with vetted charitable causes so they can optionally make a difference in the world. OrphanCoin itself dedicates all platform fees for its services completely to charity after operational expenses.

Our Platrform

OrphanCoin is our base platform that provides a dashboard for purchase of the ORP token and all our services such as your portfolio, automated trading, and more.

OrphanTrader is our portal for traders including a educational resources, access to ICO pools, and permium signals from our advance automated trading bot.

OrphanPool is an advanced cryptomining pool that allows automatic algorithm and coin switching to mine the most efficient and valuable coin and optionally payout direct in BTC.

What is the ORP token?

The ORP token is an Eosio utility token built on the EOS blockchain which allows instant and free transactions. The token is designed to be used by our members and offers many benefits across the entire platform.

Token Use Cases

Automated Trading

The ORP token is used to copytrade our professional trading team instead of trading manually from calls and signals.

Online Purchases

Each ORP is paired and backed by real Bitcoin with a live known value yet all transactions are instant and free.

No Fee Donations

Donate to charity instantly and without fees. With trading a one time donation can sponsor orphans monthly ongoing.

OrphanTrader Resources

Receive free access to all OrphanTrader educational resources when holding a minimum balance of ORP on platform.

OrphanTrader VIP

Receive free VIP membership to our private trader Telegram group as well as our premium trade signals channel.

OrphanPool Payouts

Pay no pool fees or BTC transaction fees when receiving your mining payouts directly in ORP to your account.

How to buy?

Simply register for an account on OrphanPool.io and login. From your dashboard you will be able to purchase ORP tokens directly from our platform.