Investment, growth, and charity platform for a $300B+ market

Our platform offers automated investment through copytrading as well as a charity portal to allow members to make a difference with their funds.

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Worth of ORP
Softcap in 576 days

Tokensale Stages

December 2018

1 BTC = 15,000 ORP

February 2019

1 BTC = 13,000 ORP

April 2019

1 BTC = 12,000 ORP

May 2019

1 BTC = 10,000 ORP

ORP Token

The ORP token is an Eosio utility token built on the EOS blockchain, designed to be used by members within our platform.

OrphanCoin is a complete platform providing a portfolio for your crypto currency holdings with automated copytrading to grow your portfolio, and connect you with charities that help refugees and orphans to optionally donate to them.

Our Referral Program

The referral program is very generous and will give the referrer 1% of all monthly copy-trading results of his referrals. This provides an opportunity for recurring income just by referring people to our platform.

Example, if you refer a few people who put 10 BTC into copytrading and then make 30% (+3 BTC) that month you will receive 1% (.03 BTC) that month and then every month recurring that your referrals are copytrading with our platform. This will also grow as your referrals balances do as well!

Soft-cap Budget Allocation

100% of funds raised will be placed into copytrading with a conservative approach and then only trade profits will be used for our costs.  This will make a best effort to have original funds as well as gains available at launch for the platform as well as token buy back program.

  • 50% Reinvested
  • 21% Development
  • 21% Marketing
  • 5% Legal
  • 3% Management


December 2018
April 2019
February 2019
May 2019

Monthly Trade Results

Trader commissions, platform costs, and then to charity for orphans

Our Team Members

  • Ali Camarata


  • yulian-195x195

    Yulian Purnama

    Development Manager

  • kurnia-195x195

    Aditya Widiono

    Community Manager

  • syukur-195x195


    User Experience Manager

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